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Investment Opportunities

Whether you are an experienced property investor or are looking to get a first rung on the investment property ladder, Living in the City have a unique approach to help you build or start your investment property portfolio.

Living in the City alleviates all the concerns associated with Buy-to-Let and offers its customers a hassle free approach to investment property by providing an innovative Buy-Already-Let property acquisition service.

This is how it works. We offer you an above industry average of 2 years' guaranteed rental income at 7.5% of the purchase price. You receive 7.5% of your property paid to you monthly in arrears over the 2-year period.

With Buy Already Let, we do all the legwork.

You choose a property from our portfolio of off plan new build properties, all selected for their high rental yields and capital growth potential. We find the tenant and manage the property for the first two years post completion. After the two years you can continue with the scheme, inherit our tenant, sell the property, rent it out or move in.

Our strategy is to keep 30% of all the properties we acquire for our own business portfolio. That means buyers can rest assured that we have as much interest in the growth potential as they do.

Tenants are sourced through trusted local agents and are subject to rigorous background checks, ensuring high quality occupants of the properties.

Find out about the latest properties that we're planning, building or just released on to the market. Your new place could already have the perfect tenants and guaranteed rental income built in.

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Living in the City provide high quality serviced penthouse apartments with riverside views as an alternative to using a hotel. The apartments are situated in the centre of Leicester & are also available on long term lease as well as for sale. These are high quality riverside serviced apartments in the centre of Leicester. Leicester City Centre, serviced penthouse in Leicester, serviced apartments in Leicester, apartments for sale in Leicester, riverside views.

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